Fellowship Ministries

Here at Restoration World Outreach we believe that the impact of our message is felt in the quality of our ministries.   The church is made up of people, not physical infrastructure; therefore, our effectiveness as a ministry is measured by the people that we are able to reach through our ministry.
Our Fellowship Ministries are designed to facilitate a safe and edifying environment for Men, Women, and Youth.   Our heart is for people and our passion is to see those people transformed by the Love of Christ. The Fellowship Ministries strengthens families, educates, demonstrates leadership, encourages prayer, uplifts people and empowers all to live a saved Christian lifestyle.


HIS Women (Women’s Ministry)

Prodigal Sons (Young Men’s Mentoring Ministries)

Sons of God (Men’s Ministry)

Touch Fellowship

bibleplugpConnecting to a Fellowship Ministry will get you plugged into the purpose of God for your life.

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