Touching Hearts and Changing Lives

Fishers of Men

We live in an age of brokenness, destruction, separation and uncertainty. The pain is wide spread and our nation grieves. It’s hard not to see how far we have strayed from the path that was originally designed for us.

All is not lost; all can be saved. We can proclaim a new day in this generation! 


Are you saddened by the course the lives of our children have taken. We can reclaim it! Are you torn by the ruins of the world that we once knew? We can Restore it!

If you believe there is a hope for the future, and have a desire to see broken homes rise from the ashes of devastation; our households saved and lives reclaimed; children returned to the heart of the Father and the ruins completely restored, join us in taking our nation back: One life, one soul, one salvation at a time.

Together we can recover it all.

Contact the Fishers of Men leadership team by emailing and learn how to “recover it all!”

Traveling North, South, East and West, Fishers of Men   is a  group of caring laborers ready to  go into the fields and reap the  harvest of souls in our community. We are dedicated to reaching the lost and sharing the good news of Jesus.

Our goal is to reclaim our neighborhood, our city, our state, and our world through empowering, educating and evangelizing our neighbors. We want to see salvation received and communities restored to Christ.

We will  rebuild the foundations, reclaim that which was lost, and restore all.