Now that you’ve gone through our new member’s orientation, our goal is to introduce you to the Restoration World Outreach family, our mission, values and leadership, and our four-stage strategy designed to position you to become a next generation leader!

Navigating the Process – Getting to “Home Plate”

In our effort to help every new member navigate the process towards experiencing a genuine and growing relationship with God, their local church family, and its leadership team we have adopted the fundamentals of one of America’s most popular sports – baseball.

The basic concept of the game is to get players around the bases to home plate.

Our action plan mimics the format of this popular sport to show new member’s how they can achieve connection that leads to life change.

Starting at Home Plate (New Member’s Orientation) the next step would be to get to First Base.

Imagine yourself up to bat ready to hit a home run for the team. In this case, you’re participation in the process makes for a positive impact on behalf of your life and the kingdom of God.

  • To stand on First Base is to complete a 6 week discipleship ministry course – Anchored I.

Anchored is your first step to getting connected. It’s a life group that’s all about friends, encouragement, prayer and the study of God’s Word!

This life-changing class is designed to help secure a solid understanding of the knowledge and person of Jesus Christ, and teaches some of the most important fundamentals of the Christian faith. The Anchored class is seven weeks and rotates continuously, so you can start at any time!

Here is some of what we talk about in Anchored:

  • How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian
  • How to Grow Spiritually
  • Living Victoriously
  • Understanding Water Baptism
  • Understanding the Inspiration of Scripture

Anchored class is free but registration is required.

  • To stand on Second Base is to complete part two of the 6 week discipleship program – Anchored II.


Anchored II is our way of providing an ongoing platform to help professing Christians develop into practicing disciples.

Jesus commanded the church to make disciples of those who believed his message.  Contrary to what some may think, disciple-making is not just for new believers. Discipleship and one on one mentoring is important aspect of one’s entire Christian experience and it is critical to the church community at large. Becoming a faithful disciple makes possible the goal of God through Christ – the reaching of the world with the message of the Kingdom.

The following are some of the topics we will discuss in Anchored II:

  • Feeding on God’s Word,
  • Learning to pray
  • Fruit in the Christian Life
  • Spiritual Warfare

Anchored II class is free and no registration is required.

  • Step three: Getting to Third Base is about getting involved in a responsible (vision partnering) way through becoming an active support team member of a Life Group, Fellowship Ministry, and or a Service Team Ministry.

Here at Restoration World Outreach we believe the impact of our message is felt in the quality of our ministries.   The church is not just a physical infrastructure but is made up of people. People are the ends and means of ministry. By becoming a volunteer or servant leader of one of the following ministry groups you offer people an opportunity for real life change:

LIFE GROUPS: In a life group you can take a break from the busy demands of everyday life and invest in what is really important: Your relationship with God and relationship with people around you.

FELLOWSHIP GROUPS: Fellowship Ministries are designed to facilitate a safe and edifying environment for Men, Women, and Youth.   Our heart is for people and our passion is to see those people transformed by the Love of Christ. The Fellowship Ministries strengthens families, educates, demonstrates leadership, encourages prayer, uplifts people and empowers all to live a Christian lifestyle.

SERVICE GROUPS: “The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist.”  You’d be pleasantly surprised to know how rewarding it is and what little effort it takes to change a life forever. Whatever your talents, there’s a place at Restoration for you to help people, make friends and make a difference.

  • Home Base: To reach Home Base is to complete the three phases mentioned earlier, and become RWO Senior Ministry Leader that takes responsibility for advancing the Kingdom of God, impacting the community; winning souls and helping others find their place at RWO.

 “Home” is when you become a Reproducer that reproduce, reproducers.