When you discover your true purpose as a woman who wins, you will never spend another moment conceding to defeat. You are sure to move confidently into places of success when you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that, “WINNING WOMEN WIN!

History is full of biblical examples of winning women who have paved the way for us and have set the bar for victory high.

Esther found the courage to approach the King. Her purpose was to save her people from the edict of the evil Haman. She rose up with confidence and claimed redemption for the Jews!

Abigail exercised wisdom and courage when her husband Nabal incensed and insulted King David. Her purpose was to undo the transgressions of her husband and reverse the death sentence handed down by the king. Her quick thinking and winning attitude saved the lives of all the men in her city that day!

Mary, when approached by the angel Gabriel, found the courage to enter a place of the unknown. Her purpose was to give birth to the baby Jesus who would later become Savior of all. Mary’s willing surrender to the will of God produced the redeemer who has granted us eternal life.

What will your story be?

Discover your true purpose and path to empowerment as you join the ranks of women destined to win against all odds.

Apostle Tom C. Davis has been known to be a vessel God uses to unlock the destiny of women and release them into victory. You’ll want to be here!

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