For His Women’s Ministry

The HIS Women’s Ministry Team believe that there is nothing more inspiring on earth than a Healed, Inspired and Satisfied women. She is the kind of woman King Solomon spoke of in Proverbs 31. This glorious account of a woman hard at work, excelling in all she does is used to paint a final image of the nature of wisdom.The King thought there to be no better way to communicate his point than to highlight her story. We feel the same, without doubt, this woman’s story is a demonstration of wisdom expressed.  Yet, if you read between the lines, you will uncover something intriguing. The narrative speaks of the significance of the women who has found a place of satisfaction in discovering who she is and how her life makes a difference.


As women, we have a genuine desire to love and be loved. God has blessed women with nurturing hearts. It is no wonder we spend so much of our time caring for others. Our tendency to give ourselves to our friends and family is admirable. But all too often,  after pouring ourselves out for others,  we tend to forget to care for our own spiritual and emotional needs.

His Women’s Ministry is a life-changing fellowship created by design to minister to the special needs of women.

During our time together, we use the word and principles of God along with monthly fellowships to build the spirit and encourage the heart of God’s beautiful creation called woman.

Allow the love of God to embrace you today. Get connected and become H.I.S. woman − Healed, Inspired and Satisfied!


No Registration required. Just come and connect with us!

RWO, 1st Floor | Green Room


Every 3rd Saturday at 10