Breakthrough Warriors (Intercessory Prayer Ministry)

Difficulties in life can sometimes feel like an ongoing battle. At Restoration, you don’t have to fight alone. Our experienced and dedicated team of prayer partners and volunteers are here to help! They are willing to help you overcome every challenge you face and support you until you fight with faith to the finish.

If you want to be equipped and effective in your prayer life, Breakthrough Warriors intercessory prayer ministry is an excellent training ground.

Contact the Breakthrough Warriors leadership team by and learn how to “war until you win!”

JOIN US! AT RWO Worship Center
– 1st Fl, Green Room

  • Sunday at 9:00am & 11:00 am

Our prayer team stands firmly on the belief that prayer and intercession are powerful weapons against the enemy.  When we pray, God hears us. As we stand on faith and know that we have what we ask, doors are opened and blessings are released. It is with this assurance that we forge ahead knowing that we stand victorious and we always win.

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Prayer Strategies