Prodigal Sons (Young Men’s Mentoring Ministries)

All around us today, it seems as though we exist in “the great divide.” Generations are in conflict with each other; fathers are torn apart from sons; and so many young men stand separated from God, their destiny, and the path which leads to purpose.
Prodigal Sons Ministries exists to help transform the lives of young men by helping them discover their rightful place and purpose. As God Fathers us, we must now do the same to bridge the divide and reconnect the lost.

prodigal son YMMMIf you or someone you know is seeking to be set free from a cycle of spiritual and emotional poverty and desires to be connected to the heart of the Father in a genuine, life changing way, Prodigal Sons Mentoring Ministries is the place for you. Prodigal Sons Ministries reminds young men that God’s heart is always one of reconciliation and restoration.

At Prodigal Sons we believe that as you reach out and give back, lend a hand and take a stand, you can stake your claim and change the face of the game. Why don’t you join us in making a difference in the life of a young man today!

Fathers are commissioned to train our children up in the way they should go. Where are the fathers? Where are the Godly examples? Who will lead them? If you believe that our children are our future, certainly we must begin to make a lasting investment in theirs.