Sewing your own garments is really not as difficult as it may sound. This class is the perfect introduction to garment sewing for newbies, and a great way to brush up on your skills if it’s been awhile since you last sewed.

Learn everything from how to set up your sewing machine, read a pattern, tool basics and to how to create and finish projects.

Learn how to:
  • Wind and thread a bobbin case
  • Thread a sewing machine
  • Change a presser foot
  • Change a needle
  • Learn about stitch lengths and straight stitch vs zigzag
  • Read a pattern guide sheet and symbols and match them to the pattern
  • Lay out pattern pieces for cutting and marking
  • Sew seams

This class is FREE and ALL are welcomed. Registration is required. A confirmation email will be sent with more specific details.

Materials needed for class:
sewing machine
2- 1 yard home decor fabric of choice
fiberloft poly fil, 16oz.
tape measure
shear scissors
seam ripper
hand sewing needle
extra machine needles and matching thread