Sons of God (Men’s Ministry)

The Sons of God Men’s fellowship is a ministry dedicated to the development and support of men in their walk with Christ. Our mission is to equip Godly men and empower them with the word of truth.

We are raising the bar through our time of fellowship. Our meetings promote relationship building and create an environment in which men can have open and honest dialogue surrounding the everyday issues that our men are confronted with in their daily living.

We believe that despite the many opposing views in society to Godly male standards, it is still possible for Godly values and principles to become the benchmark we use to determine our success. Let’s dispel the myth, men do worship.

Our Motto is “RAISING THE BAR”

The Vision: To Become Godly Men

Son’s of God Men’s Fellowship  TBA, Monthly
1st Floor, Green Room


(302) 764-8885

Through prayerful fellowship in the Word, the Sons of God men’s ministry provides positive relational and spiritual support to men. We are here to help men become the leaders that GOD has intended for us to be.
Join us at our upcoming men’s ministry fellowship and find out what happens when men take their rightful place as the head their families and as STRONG soldiers for Christ.