RWO thanks you for your invitation to serve in ministry through our pastors. Please complete this form to invite one or more of our leaders for your ministry event. This form is a request for information only and should not be considered a confirmation.  Please read through the following guidelines and fill out the Speaker’s Request form

  • Advance Notice– We ask that you allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for consideration of your request, as we seek our pastor’s availability. In the interim, should you need additional information, please feel free to email our church administrator Beatrice Smith at


  • Ministry Team– If there are RWO Teams in the local area where the speaking engagement/conference is being held, we always invite them to attend for ministry purposes. We will let you know in advance how many team members will be present and ask that they not be charged a registration or conference fee.


  • Display Table– If it is at all possible we would like to request a table where we can display our literature and samples of our materials.


  • Accommodations– We ask that adequate accommodations be made for all speakers. We would prefer that our speaker be housed in a hotel if possible and that transportation be provided if needed for the event.


  • Honorariums– While our pastors do not have a set honorarium, please consider that they have a family and a comprehensive ministry that they have to sacrifice significant time away from when traveling. It is our humble desire that all our leaders will be treated fairly while sharing with your ministry/organization. All honorarium checks should be made out to the speaker.




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